Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meeting New People

We have met a lot of people during this journey. One of the first was Tom Whitby. He is and English teacher in New York. He has a great understanding of tools to help grow your PLN and how to use them. Have also met Will who is one of the creators of Juxio. I talked about that before. Maggie form Diigo also talked to us. Diigo is something that lets you highlight and put notes about different things you find on the internet. Kimmie from Symbaloo also talked to us. Symbaloo is a website that lets you create tiles that link you to a website. Another thing we are doing is talking having this class with another group of students in Philadelphia. Using the internet lets you connect with people all over the world in a second. It makes it easier to find people with you same interests and people who can help you.

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